This page highlights Officers elevated from madiga community and their efforts and commitment towards community development.

Madiga Officials who are worked as IAS, IPS, IRTS, Group-I  Officers, Doctors, Engineers, Industrialists and other elite of the Community details are wants projected here.
            These officials are self motivated people and they are elevated to the heights with their hard work, sincerity and punctuality. They faced hardships even though they led the life with self respect. They are the inspiring force to the future generations, here we are trying to establish their efforts for the community upliftment.
The Officials information will be shortly add here

IAS Officers

Sri Kathi Chandraiah IAS
Sri A.Vidya Sagar IAS
Sri Kolaventi Praven Kumar IAS
Smt. Rani Kumidini IAS
Smt. K.Ratna Praba IAS
Dr Ramanjaneyulu IAS
Sri Kathi Pradeep Chandra IAS
Sri KRW Jesudas IAS
Sri D.C.Rosaiah IAS
Sri K.Narayana IAS
Smt. Suvarna Rani IAS
Sri Tippanna IAS
Sri Sirra Karuna Raju IAS
Miss Hebsiba Rani IAS
Sri Anilkumar IAS
Sri Laxminarayana IAS
Sri Mudbi Baburao IAS
Katru Rammohan Rao IAS
Sri Sirra Karuna Raju IAS
Sri Samuel Anand IAS
Sri Raja Babu IAS
Nuthakki Ramarao IAS

IPS Officers

Sri Pullanna IG
Sri G.Alfred IPS
Sri B.Prasada Rao IPS
Sri Praveen Kumar IPS
Sri Tenneti Krishna Prasad IPS
BL Sujatha Rao IPS
Sri Sridhar Rao IPS
Sri K Rushya Rao DIG
Sri Ramesh IPS
Sri Matta Ravikiran IPS
Sri Venkateswarlu IPS
Sri RDS Bhandari DSP
Sri M. Linganna DSP
Sri M.Hari Krishan DSP
Sri Shyam Prasad IPS
Sri Wilson DSP

IRTS Officers

Sri A.Bharat Bhushan IRTS
Sri T.Prabhakar IRTS
Sri S.Gagarin IRTS
Sri Babu Rao IRTS
Sri Dokka Koteswarao IPS
Sri Vijaya Rao IPS