Adijambava Arundatiya South India Federation was established in 1990, Bangalore as their head quarters to organize the madigas of south India to fight for their rights. Sri Manjunath was elected as president. Dr N Venkata Swamy IAS (Retd) and Dr Manda Jagannath of AP were elected as president and General Secretary of AP branch.
Adijambava Arundatiya South India Federation wing of AP organized three successful public meetings. The then Chief Minister of AP, N Janardhan Reddy promised to do justice to Madigas. First notable meeting was held on 12th June 1992 at Gandhi Bhavan in Hyderabad.
A very significant meeting organized by federation was held on 30th may 1994 at Nizam college grounds, Hyderabad
The chief guest was the then Chief Minister of AP Sri Kotla Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy and many ministers, MLA’s and leaders of Madiga community were invited. Dr N Venkataswamy, Dr. Manda Jaganath and many other prominent Madiga leaders have arranged this meeting,the leaders from various districts have attended. This meeting was considered futile as the leaders did not touch the categorisation of the SC reservations for which the Madiga multitude aspired. The Madiga youth, who had attended the meeting got disillusioned there, and their hopes scattered. Few days after this public meeting was Koneru Rangarao, a Madiga MLA was made Dy.Chief minister by congress party with the sole purpose of retaining the madigas with the congress party. It bears clear testimony to the fact madiga leaders of the federation worked as organisation of intellectuals entered into bargaining politics and were successful in capturing some political space at various levels. The distrust of Madigas has later a form of MRPS.
The MRPS was established on 7 June 1994 in a village Eedumudi of Naguluppdu Mandal in Prakasam District of Andhra Pradesh with 13 members of Madiga youth. The founder of Madiga Reservation Porata Samithi (MRPS) is Manda Krishna Madiga. The Madiga Reservation Porata Samithi is a community organisation of Madigas, one of the biggest scheduled caste in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh proclaiming for reservations. The Madiga Reservation Porata Samithi (MRPS) was conceived with an ideology of liberation of Madigas, categorisation of SC reservation in order to provide the fruits of reservations equally for all those who are included in the list of scheduled castes.
The Activities of the MRPS:
MRPS activists proclaimed their efforts as Dandora movement. The madiga’s Dandora movement has evoked tremendous response from the madigas in a short span with their activities, as it has penetrated in rural madigawadas and mobilized their support to various dandora rallies and meetings.
The madiga movement entered its struggle phase with Dandora. This phase was led by unemployed full time activists with different out look on disabilities suffered by the madigas in the traditional socio-economic and political structure. They resolved to adopt the philosophy of Dr B.R.Ambedkar and Babu Jagajeevan Ram as the guiding spirit for madiga rights.
Opposing inequalities and fighting for equal distribution of reservation benefits, the Dandora organised number of programmes demanding categorization of SC reservations into ABCD groups, which will benefit equally for all schedule castes.
The first meeting of the MRPS was conducted on 31May 1995 in Ongole. Mrs TN Sadalakshmi former minister was the Chief Guest; and about 70,000 people had attended.
Then the MRPS conduct regional public meeting in Visakhapatnam on 28 September 1995 with 40,000 madigas. Madigas from Srikakulam to West Godawari districts attended the meeting.
The public meeting conducted on 25 october 1995 in Nellore with 35,000 madigas showed the momentum for categorisation.
MRPS conducted rally and public meeting on 25 November 1995 in Vijayawada and 8 January 1996 in Kurnool with thousands of Madiga people along with social movement MRPS developed its organisational structure. After conducting regional meetings, it formed the wings like Madiga Employees Federation (MEF), Madiga Students Federation (MSF), Madiga Yuva Sena(MYS) and Madiga Mahila Samkya(MMS) and made itself as powerful organisation.
Chalo Hyderabad-2 March 1996:
The first state level meeting was conducted with about 5 lakhs of madigas by the  MRPS under the leadership of Manda Krishna Madiga on 2-3-1996, at Nizam college grounds, Hyderabad.  Before this meeting the MRPS leaders conducted meetings through out the state. This public meeting Dandora crystalised the public opinion in favour of categorization of SCs into ABCD groups. In this meeting all the intellectual and political leaders of Madiga community members of all political parties had participated. T.N Sadalaxmi, Bangaru Laxman, Koneru Rangarao, Motkupalli Narsimhulu, Matangi Narasayya, Nallagantla Swamy Das etc are few among them.
This meeting explained the problems of the madigas to the society and demanded for solution. This meeting dominantly exhibited the strength of the madigas, unity of the madigas and the feel and need of the SC categorisation. The meeting was a grand success and became a stepping stone to achieve the goal of ABCD through categorisation.
Madigala Atmagourava Pradarsana-25 March 1996 :
A public meeting was conducted at Babu Jagjeevan Ram statue at Nizam college, Hyderabad with 80,000 Madigas. This program was a rally, followed by a meeting. The then Chief Minister Nara Chandra Babu Naidu and Madiga ministers attended the meeting and the CM promised to categorise SC reservation to avoid injustice in implimentation of SC reservations.
Chalo Assembly-2 September1996 :
On September 2, 1996, more than 2 lakhs Madigas from various districts of Andhra Pradesh took part in a massive rally from Indira Park to the Babu Jagjivan Ram statue in Basheerbagh area, Hyderabad. Bearing the continuous rain, they stood firmly in front of the statue and staged a Dharna. MRPS demanded that CM Chandrababu Naidu should come to the stage and announce classification, and stood firmly until the evening. Occasional rain tested the grit of the demonstrators. But nothing seemed to deter the determination of the Madigas. They continued to stand there. At around 6pm the government sent a delegation of Madiga legislators from the ruling Telugu Desam Party, Manda Jagannatham, Rajaiah and Sudarshan, to assure the people that the Government was committed to do justice for the Madigas.
They also mentioned the CM’s announcement in the Legislative Assembly, early in the morning that day, about a commission set up to inquire into their demand. The demonstrators were hardly convinced and forced the delegates to leave the stage.
When his delegates failed to convince the demonstrators it fell upon the CM’s own shoulders to take charge of the situation directly. At about 10pm Madiga leaders received a call from the CM’s residence that he wanted to see them. On reaching there, he assured them of a commission of inquiry and categorisation within 45 days. Accordingly Govt of AP formed a commission.
The Dandora movement was successful in forcing the Government to appoint Justice P.Ramachandra Raju commission for inquiry to look into the differential benefits of reservation by Mala and Madiga subcastes and to recommend the need for categorization of SC’s into groups for equal distribution of reservation benefits.
The wing of MRPS, Madiga Mahila Samakya convened a meeting at Yadagirigutta on 8 October 1996, Madiga Employees Federation held meeting at Hanmakonda on 12 January 1997, Madiga Students Federation organised a meeting at Visakhapatnam on 2 March 1997 were to strengthen the MRPS.

Madiga Maha Padayatra 14-4-1997-06-06-1997 (Naravaripalle- Hyderabad):
The Mahapadayatra (long march) was a novel method adopted by Dandora to shape public opinion in support of categorization.The movement spread to every nook and corner of the state. The leader of Dandora movement Manda Krishna Madiga marched for 1052 kms starting from naravaripalle, the native village of the then Chief Minister N Chandra Babu Naidu, to his official residence in Hyderabad. This Maha Padayatra revealed massive response of madiga community to the call given by their leader.
14 April 1997, on the birth anniversary of Dr.Ambedkar, the Dandora leadership has reached Naravaripalle, the CM Chandrababu Naidu’s village in Chittoor district. Before they embarked upon the Yatra they submitted a memorandum to Smt N. Ammanamma, mother of the CM.
The network of Madiga Yuvasena is so extensive that they work as the courier system conveying the information about where the group would stop for lunch or halt for the night. The host Madiga villagers organised lunch and dinner. About 500 people marched together. About 300 of them are people of one village, who escorted the group to the next village, people of the next village has taken over the march from them.Their legs have swollen and have blisters, yet they walked with determination, about 20 to 30 kilometres a day, in order to awaken the Madigas. Mr Manda Krishna, who has taken the suffix ‘Madiga’, led this group.
Madiga Maha Pada Yatra was acclaimed as a march not only for the rights of the Madigas but also for the rights of every marginalised caste and community for their ‘due share’. In the meanwhile the commission submitted its report to the Govt. on 28-5-1997. On the last day of the Maha Padayatra June 6th 1997 Krishna Madiga reached Hyderabad along with lakhs of madigas and proved Dandora to be a pioneering social movement in contemporary India.
when the Mahapadayatra ended at Hyderabad on 6-6-1997, the dandora leaders threatened not to disperse from the capital until the government concedes their demand. After having witnessed the popular support to the madigas and on the report of the commission the TDP government issued orders categorizing SC reservations into ABCD.
The Govt immediately respond to the commission recommendations and released a GO classifying the reservations among the SCs in education and employment sectors.
The Mala Mahanadu have filed writ petition challenging the G.O. classifying SC reservations in the High Court. The court has suspend the G.O. on technical reasons. To rectify the technical problems the state govt contacted the National SC/ST Commission, New Delhi and submitted all the information and received the opinion of the commission on 25-8-98. On 1-10-1998 the Govt. decided to give ordinance on categorisation. The cabinet has agreed and it was sent to Governor of AP (Sri C.Rangarajan); The Governor has sent that to President of India’s opinion (Sri K.R.Narayan). On 30-11-99 the President of India has agreed and given permission to issue ordinance to categorisation. On 9-12-99 the Governor issued ordinance, on that basis the state Govt issued G.O. on 1-4-2000. The Mala Mahanadu filed a writ petition in Supreme Court against G.O. After completion of all the discussions, the Supreme Court issued judgement and dismissed the categorisation G.O.on 5-11-2004, based on technical reasons like state has no power to do categorisation and the Parliament is only capable to do so.
After Supreme Court judgement all national and regional parties demanded for constitutional amendment immediately in the parliament. The MRPS again announced different programmes as a part of agitation.
Chaitanya Yatra 16-11-2004 to 13-12-2004:
Chaitanya Yatra started from Y.S.Rajasekar Reddy birth place Balapanur at Kadapa district on 16-11-2004 and submitted a memorandum to Y.S.Jayamma mother of Y.S.Rajasekar Reddy. Krishna Madiga travelled entire state on jeep covering all districts and reached Hyderabad on 13-12-2004. The state Govt. made an unanimous resolution on SC categorisation in assembly on 10-12- 2004. The Govt. of AP sent unanimous assembly resolution for SC reservation categorisation to Govt. of India. MRPS conducted a meeting at Indira Park, for which Nara Chandra Babu Naidu (TDP), Bandaru Dathatreya(BJP), and many other leaders attended.
Madigala Dharma Yuddha Maha Padayatra (Bangalore -Hyderabad) 18-4-2005 to 11-06-2005 :
MRPS planned another Long March, starting from Bangalore to Nizam college, Hyderabad. It concluded after completion of 55 days of walk. The meeting marked the culmination of 1600 km, ‘Madigala Dharma Yuddha Maha Padayatra’ undertaken by Manda Krishna Madiga from Bangalore. Lakhs of madiga people gathered for the meeting not only from AP but also from Karnataka, Tamilnadu and Maharastra.
The meeting flayed the State government for ignoring the plea by Madigas to bring pressure on the Central Govt. to introduce the bill for the sub-categorisation. Manda Krishna Madiga, served an ultimatum allowing 12 hours for the government to announce the date on which an all-party delegation would go to Delhi to persuade Central Govt. on the scheduled caste sub-categorisation. He announced his decision to stay with his followers at the Nizam college grounds, until government decision on the delegation is declared. Responding to the call of Krishna Madiga, lakhs of MRPS Activists refused to vacate the venue of the public meeting.
He accused the Chief Minister, Y. S. Rajasekhara Reddy, and the veteran Congress leader, G. Venkatswamy, of scuttling the efforts of MRPS to seek sub-categorisation. He questioned why Dr. Reddy failed to persuade the Centre to introduce a bill in Parliament on sub-categorisation. Only after acceptance from CM to send all-party delegation to Delhi, this meeting was concluded.
Kurukhestra Mahasabha:
The State Govt. of AP planned to conduct AICC pleenary meetings on 21-1-2006 at Hyderabad. Congress President Smt Sonia Gandhi, Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh and other top Congress Party leaders are attending pleenary. The MRPS announced meeting Kurukshetra Mahasabha at Hyderabad for constitutional amendment in parliament on categorisation. The Y.S.Rajasekar Reddy request to stop the Kurukshetra but Krishna Madiga did not agree. After many discussions between Krishna Madiga and Y.S.Rajasekar Reddy,AP State Congress Party incharge Digvijay Singh, AP congress Party President Kesavarao the Kurusketra was stopped in high tension.
Madigala Tirugubatu Maha Padayatra 5-4-2006-14-5-2006:
Tirugubatu Mahapadayatra started from clock town centre of Amalapuram on Jagajeevan Ram birth day with thousands of MRPS volunteers and it reached after 40 days to Hyderabad. At Hyderabad the Madigas were gathered to besiege CM’s house.
The police stopped the mob. The thousands of Madigas gathered at Indira Park and given 24 hours deadline for constitutional amendment on categorisation and started Dharna. On the same day the state Govt. conducted Plenary and announced positively for SC categorisation.
MRPS leader met the CM and demand for constitution amendment on categorisation. The then CM Y.S.Rajasekar Reddy announced to send all party delegation to Delhi.  After Tirugubatu Mahapada yatra of MRPS, the commission was formed by the Govt.of India on 7-9-2006 for SC categorisation in AP. The chairman of the commission was the Justice Dorai Swamy, after some time he rejected the offer.
Viswarupa Maha Sabha (Vijayawada) 17-04-2007:
The Viswarupa Mahasabha conducted at Singh Nagar stadium Vijayawada with 15 lakhs of madiga people gathered from all corners of the state. YS Rajasekar Reddy, the then Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh was the chief guest of the meeting. The meeting was conducted with a target to avoid delay in appointing the Chairman of the commission for SC Reservation categorisation by the Central Government.
Lakhs of madiga people gathered in Vijayawada city and singh nagar was packed with madigas. In April it was very hot. The severity of sun was unbearable, but the lakhs of madigas gathered for their objective of SC categorisation, to made it grand success and showed their strength to the Govt. in that meeting.
Fast On To Death 17-5-2007:
The Govt. of India announced the commission and appointed Justice Dorai Swamy, Justice Madan Mohan Poonch, Justice Kurdhukar one after another as Chairman, but they have not taken charge. The Central Govt. had not appointed any body, thereafter. In order to avoid the delay in appointing the commission chaiman, Manda Krishna Madiga declared besiege CM’s residence on 17-5-2007. With a large gathering he started a rally towards CM’s house from MRPS office. The police arrested Krishna Madiga and the MRPS activists and sent Krishna Madiga to Gandhi Hospital. In the evening the hospital doctors sent Krishna Madiga to home. There he started ‘fast on to death’ on 17-5-2007 at seetafal mandi, Secunderabad.
The state was on fire with the activities of MRPS. All the parties supported Krishna Madiga. Day after day the health of Krishna  Madiga was health condition was deteriorating. The MRPS activities are increasing with serious actions like setting fire to the buses, offices etc. The delegation from Govt was made but Krishna Madiga refused to end the fast and demanded for appointment of commission chairman. The then CM Y.S.Rajasekar Reddy contacted Central Govt. and mobalised them to appoint chairman immediately. On 21-5-2007 the Central Govt. appointed Justice Usha Mehra as chairman and she took charge at the same day. The fast on to death was ended successfully.  She toured the entire AP like a whirlwind and enquired.
Jaitra Yatra:
This Jaitra Yatra started from Anantapur on 11-6- 2007 on bycycle. After covering nearly 1950 km in the state, the Yatra reached Hyderabad on 25-7-2007. Madigas gathered at Indira park and planned for besiege of the assembly. The police stopped them at Indira Park. The MRPS leaders continued the Dharna till the evening at Indira Park. They have been called for discussions from CM’s office. After favourable discussions they concluded dharna on 26-6-2007.
Fast On To Death 25-4-2008:
Justice Usha Mehra Commission was appointed on 21-5-2007. She toured entire AP, visited the scheduled caste villages physically and prepared report but submission of the report was delayed. Krishna Madiga announced fast on to death along with other sub-caste leaders demanding the submission of commission report on 25-4-2008 at Picket, Secundrabad. Doctors who examined Mr. Krishna and other fasting leaders said their health was deteriorating with low sugar levels and blood pressure causing alarm. When contacted, Mr. Krishna said he would call off his fast only when the Government had introduced a Bill on SC classification in Parliament. Justice Usha Mehra submitted her report on 1-5-2008. On seventh day the MRPS leaders have stopped the fast on to death.
Fast on to Death 14-12-2008:
Mr Krishna Madiga announced fast on to death on 14-12-2008 at Indira Nagar community hall Musheerabad, Secunderabad. Krishna madiga said he would call off his fast only when the Government introduced a Bill on SC classification in Parliament. It was ended after 8 days by police attack and arrest of Krishna Madiga.
Viswarupa Maha Sabha (Rajamundry) 16-02-2009:
Justice Usha Mehra commission report which was submitted positively for categorisation, but no further step has been taken so. Viswarupa Mahasabha was conducted at Rajamundry with lakhs of Madiga people coming from all over the state. The meeting was conducted with target of to avoid delay in introducing categorisation bill in the Parliament by the Govt.of India.
The meeting projected the strength of madigas and their commitment for the struggle showed their physical strength in number to the Govt before national elections 2009.

Besiege of Assembly 4-2-2009:
Hundreds of MRPS activists & Madiga Students Federation members were participated in this activity. All the members entered in to assembly and climbed the roof of the assembly and warned the Govt.of AP, that they are ready to commit suicide for the sake of categorisation. Hundreds of cases were filed against them. Finally with request and promise of Govt. of AP on SC reservation categorisation this programme came to an end.
Besiege of Gandhi Bhavan 2-3-2009:
As a part of MRPS movement a total of 23 members died in accidents. Particularly in the besiege of Gandhi Bhavan four leaders of MRPS were severly injured in fire accident and of them three were dead. It was a black day for Madiga community. The negligency and delay of state Govt of AP in categorisation of SC reservations was the reason for this mishap. All parties condemned the negligence of APGovt. and blamed Y.S.Rajasekar Reddy the then CM.
Yuddabheri 4-12-2010:
Yuddaberi conducted at Nijam college Hyderabad lakhs of madiga people attended from all over the state. The meeting was conducted with target for amendment bill to be introduced in the parliament by the central Govt. Krishna Madiga demanded for assurence from Govt. at the night 10 pm, he started rally towards CM’s house. Police attacked on MRPS leaders and arested. At 2am they were released. Then at MRPS office Krishna Madiga started Fast on to death demanding an assurance on  constitutional amendment on categorisation. After receiving assurance from CM Kiran Kumar Reddy, the fast on to death was closed.
The remaining activities information conducted by MRPS will be added here shortly.

Mala Intellectuals & Political Leaders’ Supported Categorisation:
There were 20 to 24 Mala MLAs in combined state of A.P. including Ministers who joined hands with Assembly in unanimous resolutions for categorization on three different occasions, i.e. for supporting the categorization, another for passing the bill on categorisation and again for recommending to Central government for taking necessary measures for categorization. In all these occasions, all the Mala MLA’s or Minister’s expressed their consent in the Assembly. The top Dalit leaders and officers from Mala community Sri Gaddar, Sri Kathi Padma Rao, Sri KG Satyamurthy and Sri Kaki Madhava Rao IAS (Retd) etc., were supported directly.

Severity of MRPS Movement
The MRPS movement is from 1994 to till date is for categorisation of SC reservation. Being involved in MRPS movement, 23 MRPS activists died and 23,560 police cases were filed and they are still in court. The classification is implemented by Govt. of AP between 2000 -2004. After Supreme Court judgement, the Madigas lost all the opportunities. The MRPS has not demanded any further enhancement in the quota of SC reservations nor did asked for any separate quota for Madigas. They have demanded their just share in the present quota of SC reservations according to their population.

Urgency for Constitutional Amendment:
From the date of cancellation of G.O, i.e., during the last seven years and delay in making constitutional amendment to Article 341, Madigas including many other most backward SC castes have lost thousands of employment benefits, promotional benefits and lakhs of educational admission benefits in AP. This necessitated the amendment for the Article341 and SC reservations categorisation must be reinstated with immediate effect and ensure that reservation benifits for all the 59 castes of SCs will be equally distributed.

Justice delayed is justice denied
The national and state level ruling and the opposition parties are supporting the categorization of SC reservation. The issue of sub categorization of SC reservation has been unanimously passed three times in the AP assembly. It is not a big issue for the Government of India. Madigas and other sub castes of SC have been eagerly waiting for that the Government of India will introduce the bill for the sub categorization of SC reservation and get it passed in the parliament. Justice is delayed for seven years and Madigas and other sub castes are suffering by the injustice caused by the delay. All the national and state level political parties gave their consent and wrote letter to Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh asking him for constitutional amendment in parliament. Which provides categorisation of SC reservations in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Some of the photos are enclosed and in the following pages. Finally, Madigas plead justice through the constitutional amendment in parliament for categorisation of SC reservations in A.P.

This page highlights about overall information of Madiga employees Federation i.e., aims and objectives, major activities conducted its structure and its committees.
MEF is a charitable organization in Telugu states works for the development of madiga community and it lead by employees. It was founded in 1995 to enlist the aid of the educated employees among the madiga community in combined Andhra Pradesh besides some support to MRPS. It has no political agenda, nor does it promote agitation to achieve its goals.
The origin of MEF lie in an organisation for employees of Madiga community that was established in 1993 and registered in 2011. The ideology of MEF is to fight the entrenched system of inequality in Scheduled castes and to fight for development of Madiga and allied community.
The motto of this organisation was 'Payback to society', to inspire the Madiga bureaucrats to do their bit for the madiga masses as BAMSEF. In this way, a continuous supply of intellectual property, money and talent was ensured to MRPS which was fighting for the constitutional rights of all scheduled castes. The MEF wants to become an organisation of educated Madiga employees: "the think tank, talent bank and financial bank of the Madiga Community.
MEF raised funds to promote their agenda and has state-level, District level and constituency level committees to act for the organisation objectives.

1.  To work for the welfare and development of the madiga employees and efforts to reduce problems and grievances.
2.  To work for getting schemes / house sites for sc/st employees sanctioned by state government.
3. To support and encourage madiga movement (MRPS) for overall madiga community development.
4.  To establish (Madiga Bhavans) institutions of education, art and cultural activities for the madiga people and their children.
5.  To encourage and help poor, merited and other deserving members of madiga community for higher studies and employment.
6.  To organize and maintain a charity fund to be used for the benefit of the madiga community in particular in accordance with the bye-laws.
7.  To promote opportunities for the educational activities, to create awareness about social welfare schemes,  to create oneness and co-operation by arranging seminars, study circles, discussions and melas or milaps in each district for every year.
8.  To conduct medical camps, eye camps, immunization camps, in urban areas, provide preventive medicines to madiga people in slum areas and conduct Adult Educational centres, Night Schools to eradicate the illiteracy among madiga community.
9.  To promote agricultural, educational, economic, scientific, social cultural and spiritual activities in madiga community.
10.To work for the socio-economic and educational development of madiga community.
MEF organised national, state and district level conventions with large number of madiga employees gathering with former CM as guest, central and state level ministers as guests.

The MEF organised Programmes and other information will be add here shortly